It’SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FRIDAY!!!!! yay!!!!! I’m really glad it’s Friday! This week has been fast but not fast enough! We are going down to Orange County this weekend to visit family and friends and get my hair did! I’m so totally thrilled that it’s December!!! I love making the house festive!  Here are some before and afters!!! I woke up and asked Josh if he could pull the Christmas decor out of the attic. I told him I could do it but he said I would hurt myself……..hmmmmm I suppose he thinks I’m accident prone……

Before Before

after!! Holla!!

I did decorate the whole house just didn’t photo all of it. Also I somehow didn’t get a picture of the tree! Weird. It looks quite cute I must say! you will have to take my word on it. For some reason this year I was feeling very simple. I had a lot of decorations that I just didn’t put out. Or maybe I just was too lazy. Either way! I also purchased some hershey kisses for the table and they are getting devoured by me! I don’t think Josh has even touched them!

As you can see I really dress up for decorating! not really, but I had the day off!!! I was at home in Christmas joy! plus some of my girl friends came over and we had pancakes and hung out! fun!

Say buh bye! I’m getting my hair done this weekend and you will have to see!!!!!

Yummo!!! Their were many Hershey kisses eaten!

After our breakfast together we hung out and watched the Victoria secret Fashion show together. I taped it so only us girls could see it:) It was fun to watch but some of the stuff was HIDEOUS! and then of course there was the cutest stuff eva! I’m personally a fan of the PINK line! Their PINK sweatpants were on sale last week for $25 people! that never happens!!!

Dinner! We didn’t buy any groceries this week due to lots of expenses for our trip. We thought hey, we can wing this! Well, the food combos have been so weird. I managed to scrounge up a piece of bread with a boca burger, some miracle whip, ketchup and pickles Yum! Except it really upset my stomach! We had to drive over to my brother in-laws house last night who lives 20mins away and I was ready to hurl! ok maybe not really but I wasn’t feeling to hot!

I guess I’m feeling better today since I helped myself to some MORE hershey kisses while doing my daily reading with Jesus! hah!

(man hand alert!)

Ok, so your probably wondering what this frog is???? well, one of my clients who’s very sweet thought I would like it……………….

Ok, so it’s not my cup of tea or frog. It actually kind of freaks me out. I mean look at those eyes?!!! I’m bad I know,  but really, it’s scaring me!

hah! it was so nice of her but I think I may just keep it at work.

I’m in a hurry as usual! I’m off to work out and then work!!! My workouts have been back to normal now that I’m feeling normal! Sheesh, being sick was the pits! for real!

Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will in the OC!

Does anyone have and fun plans for this weekend?????? If so tell me tell me!!!


xoxox Marian


Hi there!!! We are back from our snowboarding trip!!!! We had an absolute BLAST!! I’m already  wanting to go back:)  We got their on Thanksgiving day and they had man made snow going on the slopes! We stopped by the resort before we all got to our cabin.

A shot of me! It was freezing! Nothing 3 (yes 3) jackets couldn’t solve!


This is the outside of our cabin. Here I am with my girls. This would be Fri morning.

Me and my oh so stylish inhaler for my bronchitis.

We snow boarded ALL day Friday and had so so so much fun! only to realize it was SNOWING!!!:) It snowed all night and the next day. We actually drove down the street on Fri night to this little saloon where the guys could watch the football game and us girls could play darts. but we got so snowed in we had to walk back! hahah! Followed by a complete snow fight with all of us.

This is what we woke up to on Saturday . Snow! which = better snowboarding!







We had so much fun and we can’t wait to do it again! Thank you for all the well whishes and prayers! I’m feeling a lot better. Still not 100% but getting there. It’s officially Tuesday and I need to get to work! WordPress was taking it’s sweet little time this morning so I’m in a rush!

I’m so glad it’s December. I LOVE Christmas and all that goes with it! I’m especially glad for Christ’s birth! Because that’s what it’s all about:) he’s the reason for the Season.  John 1:14 “and the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, The glory as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth.” Amen!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Sorry this was so quick but I gotta gooooooo!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Christmas is my fav time of year followed by summer! What’s your’s and why???????????

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Hows everyone enjoying the day off with family????:)

Lets start off with I’m pretty dang sick!!! Sicker then I thought. I was at work and since I work for a Dr. an all I thought maybe I should get checked out just to be on the safe side since I’m leaving for our snowboarding trip today! I was seen and the results are in. Sinus infection, ear infection and Bronchitis. ugh! antibiotics, two inhalers and a breathing treatment later, here I am!!!

So I went to Ventura the other day with some of my girlfriends and thought the sunset on the way back was just absolutely gorgeous! No?


yesterday I woke up knowing my body was in some major need of healing. What better way to help a sick body and start the day then with a green monster???

That was just a warm up for my cereal of course! I also was reading my daily devotional “streams in the dessert” if you want an amazing devotional pick this one up!

Like I said I’m a pharmacy!! The goods:)

I went into work for a couple hours yesterday and was so wiped out afterwards but I had to run to the grocery store for some last minute essentials for our trip! It was a mad house. Not surprised! By the time I got outta there and home I was starved for some Lunchi! Turkey, avo, veganaise, lettuce and cheese sammy on an arnold sandwhich thin. Yummo! Withe some cheddar cheese chips.

Once I was properly fueled it was time to get my baking face on!! I started out with cheese pie crust. this is kind how the process goes…….. Throw all the ingredients in the bowl (except for the egg) and start pinching the butter into it. You gotta do it slow and make sure there’s no clumps! this can be very tiring on fingers! Then you add the egg and form the crust!

Two cheese pie crusts ready to be filled!

Finished pies!! Cheesepie’s More Pizzelles (what the heck right?) and I cooked up a bunch of pancakes for our trip so we can just freeze them and then pop them in the toaster for breakfast! their not the prettiest pancakes but their good:)

and I also never said I was clean while baking! But I’m am actually a very clean person in general. hah!

I’m not too hungry lately being that I’m sick so all that sounded good for dinner was some salad.

I’m also very excited for our snowboarding trip! My snowboarding gear in all it’s glory!!! We are leaving today with 2 other couples! I can’t wait!! I just wish I felt better:( I’m feeling pretty yucky at the moment, so I would really covet your prayers!!!

I would also like to note that I don’t always post all my eats because I’m just so snacky that there’s no way I could or would even want to take a picture of every thing that crossed my lips! too tiring for a grazer like me!!! Just thought I should mention that:) anywho

Happy Thanksgiving again!!!!! We have so much to be thankful for! I’m thankful for Christ’s love, my hubby, wonderful family and an amazing group of friends! Just to name a few:) What are you all thankful for??????????????


xoxo   Marian

Get moving!






Good morning to ya!! This weekend was so fun!!!!! Where do I begin? Well lets start where I left off:)

Cereal as usual. I’m pretty much addicted to cereal again. I’ve been getting questions on what cereal I eat and it’s the trader Joe’s granola clusters in vanilla and maple pecan. I also add walnuts everyday. I had like a 5 pound bad of walnuts and now their almost gone! Eek!

vanilla granola with almond breeze and walnuts

ME  blogging on my phone as usual while out and about!

Josh and I ran some errands at Trader Joes holla! and costco then we stopped at  a surf shop for some snowboarding gear! I’m getting so stoked on this trip!

I also found one of these packets in my pantry. Pretty good but full of chemicals I’m sure. also consumed a Lara bar in peanut butter flava (what else?). Shopping makes me hungry! Note to self… Don’t drink a huge bottle of water while out! I peed in way too many public restrooms that day! More then what the limit should be in a single day!

I was starved when we got home! repeat of last nights mexican din din.

Here’s me in my moving gear! When we finished lunch we helped our friends move to their new place!:) We got a lot done but the whole group of us just kept goofing off! Our friends we’re so sweet, they bought us all pizza for moving them:) yummo! I had one piece but probably more like 1 and a half. I kept asking josh for bites of his! I just wanted to try all the flavas!

Okay lets jump to Sunday Sunday Sunday! I always think of the WWF wrestling commercials when I say that! anywho, we went to church and got fed spiritually which is the most important! and ran some errands and then I was on my baking kick! We went to our churches Thanksgiving dinner last night so I decided Italian Pizzelle’s were in order!

I’m pushing all vanity aside in this picture! I was a hot mess after making steamy pizzelle’s and dump cake all day! This batch made over 1oo!!!! Ever since I can remember it’s been a tradition of my families to make Italian Pizzelle’s! It’s been passed down to me and now I LOVE to make them for friends and family! You have to get a special pizzelle machine to make them but they are so fun and yummy!!!

I made some for our neighbors:) Excuse the sheet. My family always put a sheet over the table while making these cookies. so I of course do the same. I just made sure to bust out my most hideous sheet for y’all! hah! I’m such a nerd, but I crack myself up!


The thanksgiving dinner was a hit! and so were my cookies and dump cake(which I didn’t get a pic of) I was too busy cleaning my self up and rushing out the door to pick up Josh’s mom. After stuffing our faces with gloriousness, it was a PARTY at our house!!! The guys all were watching surf videos and the girls were all chatting while drinking tea and eating pizzelle’s (what we do best) and just having a great time!

Having a great time = getting to bed to late which = sleeping in too late which = running behind!

This mornings breakfast. Cereal(big surprise) pizzelles. No I did not eat them all thank you! and some water to wash it down! Ok, I’m gonna be late! I’m going to ventura today to go shopping with my girlies! Sorry this was so rushed! Bye loves!!!

Question: Have any of you ever had pizzelle’s?? and if so, what do you think?? I personally think their amazing! not too sweet either. So good with coffee or tea:)



xoxo Marian



oh where to begin?! the last 3 days have seriously been so busy, it’s a blur to me. let’s just start today:) but before I do lets catch ya up! upon waking up on wed before my HUGE work event might I add?! I woke up with a COLD! not just a cold, a BAD cold! on top of that I got my little monthly present. Argh! it was a tough day! So, I’m done complaining. I just needed to make my self feel better:)

So I figured this morning some carrot juice and cereal would do a body good! Especially after fighting this nasty bug the last 3 days.

I also figured  tea would help my poor throat.I’m addicted to green tea. It’s my fav, over Any other .My tea was  accompanied by a delish cookie that some how hitch hiked back to my house in my purse. sneaky little thing.

I also got to go into work a little later so I pretended like I had the day off and sucked back some disgusting off brand emergency fizzy stuff while catching up on blogs in my pjs

I decided it would be a good time to start making lists of things we will need for our trip! We are going snowboarding over Thanksgiving with 3 other couples and we’re staying in a cabin!!! HOLLA!!!

I’ve also found gum to do wonders for my throat. weird!

It was finally time (unfortunately) to leave my pup and the nice weather behind for work.

Packed lunch and snack. Bread, peanut butter, apple, peanut butter larabar 
and peanut butter puffins with nuts. Holy cow! Peanut butter overload!!! 
I've eaten so much peanut butter and just nuts in general these last 3 days. 
 but I still ain't tired of it. True love<3  It was all devoured over the length of my work day.

Work was so busy I hardly had time to notice my snot face! when 5pm rolled around I called it a day was dreaming of just resting and getting better!

I came home to find this lovely surprise. I didn’t ask any questions, I just got down to business. Only a bite, I needed to save room for my din din.

Josh and I ran to the bank and then the store for some cooking essentials and came up with this awesome dinner

tacos, lettuce, ground turkey, cheese,sour cream, beans and salsa with chips. Yummo!

and  this brings us to now. Me in my lovely leopard old man pajamas. they may be huge but I LOVE these. their so soft and just my fav. I’m ready to snuggle up on the couch with Josh and watch survivor while sipping on some Decaf Green tea. It’s a fair trade off since I was supposed to hang out with my group of girls tonight! but  I need to get all the rest I can. My two girlfriends from the OC are coming up tomorrow! EEK!

Random note: I’ve met 3 people this week highly allergic to peanuts. So sad! I can’t even imagine. Clearly I’m just kind of into nuts, peanuts especially! so with that said here’s my question: do you have any allergies??? anything interesting? I’m allergic to grass but thats about it.

Have a great weekend whateva you do!!!


xoxox Marian

Good evening ladies!!! How was your Tuesday?! Mine was jam packed non stop moving! Lets start shall we????

I woke up this morning with extreme arm soreness! yesterdays class did not fail to disappoint! any who, I made my way down stairs to juice for hubby and I only to find I slept in a little too late to juice before he had to leave:( and the pact I had made with my self at the store yesterday while purchasing Kale that I would have a green monster everyday this week already has been broken! A for Effort suppose….

I decided cereal would do, because well, when does it ever fail?  and to make this lovely creation I always add……

a pinch of coffee mate! say what you will, it’s good! except I went to shake it up and it well, exploded!

ah!!! why?! that’s not even the half of the explosion! thought I would only show you a piece of the gory details. (nothing worse then getting held up when your starving!)

and naturally what proceeds after breakfast you say??? dessert. it was 8AM after all!

dump cake from last night

I then of course finished up my bible study for the week and made my way over to my love!!! yes my love! I love my treadmill!

pounded out 30 minutes on it this morning while watching Dancing with the stars! ah loves it!

I use  the tready on my off days from the gym<3 did I mention I’m freakishly into working out???

I packed lunch while I was a sweaty mess and decided to opt out of a photo of me as a hot mess!

peanut butter larabar, half a nana peanut butter, pita chips, laughing cow wedge and broccoli.
 I'll admit, I did use spray butter for my broccoli. Yes I love every chemicaly thing about:)
I made my way up stairs to clean up and get my self all beautified for work. 
since I am an esthetician and work with the public promoting beauty.
 I gotta be on my A game! I rushed out the door to only start the madness! 
I was packed with clients all day back to back. No potty breaks here! and not to mention, we are having
an open house tomorrow night since my work switched locations. So, I was setting up tonight after 
my million clients for that with my co workers. I finally called it a day after 10 hours and 
went home to my wonderful hubby who lovingly made us grilled cheese sammy's for dinner. I had 
half a grilled cheese and a couple of bites of his chili. 

Now I’m just sipping on some sugar cookie sleigh ride while blogging it up!

Josh and I got the movie ” bed time stories ” in the mail tonight so that’s looking like it’s on the agenda gals! Nighty night

Question: Have to seen bedtime stories? Is it good? Also, are there any other girls out there who use coffee mate for things other than coffee?

okay, ciao ciao

xoxo Marian

Dinner plans


Hi friends!!! I’m clearly a little rusty on my blogging! I can’t even get the writing to be above this adorable picture of my babies!!!

So, lets see……. This morning I woke up to this cuteness and thought it was blog worthy! You may not think so, but we LOVE our little babies. Yes, I’m that crazy dog lady. It is what it is:)

I promptly devoured half this bar while getting ready to juice  for Josh. and I put my newly painted nails in the pick because I’m just that vain. (except for the fact that they look like man hands)

While throwing carrots in my juicer I decided why not throw an apple in. Except this apple was mutant. Look at those seeds! This apple wanted to have a lot of babies.

Juice baby juice

And… least fav part of the whole dang thing! Cleaning it.

I soon devoured some juice, worked on my blog and got my but in gear for my workout class. Weights/cardio for 60 minutes. I love my teacher but she kicks my butt!

Oh, another vain shot of me before my workout. Covering my morning face as you can see.

How could I forget! While running out the door to class, I thought what better snack then a handful of greasy potato chips to make my workout that much better!

After class I ran to get some groceries at walmart (because I’m classy like that) and picked up food for dinner tonight, because we our having some friends of ours over for dinner. I’ve only met them once and I’m strangely anxious about cooking dinner for them. I don’t know why!

when I got home I decided the new bunch of Kale I purchased needed to be put into good use! Green Monster anyone???

Except not long after this decision I was regretting all the fiber/juice if you know what I mean. Moving on!

an hour later my tummy called for some cereal and a few hours later it called for the same thing again. This pic X2

Me after sweating and slaving away in the kitchen waiting for our company! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen enough pictures of me for today!

All in all I feel pretty accomplished today just a we bit anxious for our company to arrive!  Wish me luck! Oh, how silly of me! I didn’t say what I’m making. chicken Devan, salad and Dump cake! It tastes a lot better then it sounds:)

Question: Does anyone else get anxious while having people over for dinner? Or is it just me???

Addendum: The dinner party went GREAT!!! Headache from laughing =time for bed:) Good night!

I leave you with this. one of my favorite verses of all time and one I cling to often when I don’t understand certain things in my life.

Isaiah 55:8-9 “for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher then the earth, so are my ways higher then your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”


xoxo Marian