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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Hows everyone enjoying the day off with family????:) Lets start off with I’m pretty dang sick!!! Sicker then I thought. I was at work and since I work for a Dr. an all I thought maybe I should get checked out just to be on the safe side since I’m leaving for our […]

Get moving!


        Good morning to ya!! This weekend was so fun!!!!! Where do I begin? Well lets start where I left off:) Cereal as usual. I’m pretty much addicted to cerealĀ again. I’ve been getting questions on what cereal I eat and it’s the trader Joe’s granola clusters in vanilla and maple pecan. I […]



oh where to begin?! the last 3 days have seriously been so busy, it’s a blur to me. let’s just start today:) but before I do lets catch ya up! upon waking up on wed before my HUGE work event might I add?! I woke up with a COLD! not just a cold, a BAD […]

Good evening ladies!!! How was your Tuesday?! Mine was jam packed non stop moving! Lets start shall we???? I woke up this morning with extreme arm soreness! yesterdays class did not fail to disappoint! any who, I made my way down stairs to juice for hubby and I only to find I slept in a […]

Dinner plans


Hi friends!!! I’m clearly a little rusty on my blogging! I can’t even get the writing to be above this adorable picture of my babies!!! So, lets see……. This morning I woke up to this cuteness and thought it was blog worthy! You may not think so, but we LOVE our little babies. Yes, I’m […]

Hiiii!!!!! Things are Changing! Lets be honest. Hi everyone! I’ve decided to start a new blog for a few reasons. I love food but I love so much more! So I’m going to be blogging about food, fitness, fun, fashion, and my life! Let’s be honest. Life is great but there’s ups and downs that […]