Dinner plans


Hi friends!!! I’m clearly a little rusty on my blogging! I can’t even get the writing to be above this adorable picture of my babies!!!

So, lets see……. This morning I woke up to this cuteness and thought it was blog worthy! You may not think so, but we LOVE our little babies. Yes, I’m that crazy dog lady. It is what it is:)

I promptly devoured half this bar while getting ready to juice  for Josh. and I put my newly painted nails in the pick because I’m just that vain. (except for the fact that they look like man hands)

While throwing carrots in my juicer I decided why not throw an apple in. Except this apple was mutant. Look at those seeds! This apple wanted to have a lot of babies.

Juice baby juice

And…..my least fav part of the whole dang thing! Cleaning it.

I soon devoured some juice, worked on my blog and got my but in gear for my workout class. Weights/cardio for 60 minutes. I love my teacher but she kicks my butt!

Oh, another vain shot of me before my workout. Covering my morning face as you can see.

How could I forget! While running out the door to class, I thought what better snack then a handful of greasy potato chips to make my workout that much better!

After class I ran to get some groceries at walmart (because I’m classy like that) and picked up food for dinner tonight, because we our having some friends of ours over for dinner. I’ve only met them once and I’m strangely anxious about cooking dinner for them. I don’t know why!

when I got home I decided the new bunch of Kale I purchased needed to be put into good use! Green Monster anyone???

Except not long after this decision I was regretting all the fiber/juice if you know what I mean. Moving on!

an hour later my tummy called for some cereal and a few hours later it called for the same thing again. This pic X2

Me after sweating and slaving away in the kitchen waiting for our company! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen enough pictures of me for today!

All in all I feel pretty accomplished today just a we bit anxious for our company to arrive!  Wish me luck! Oh, how silly of me! I didn’t say what I’m making. chicken Devan, salad and Dump cake! It tastes a lot better then it sounds:)

Question: Does anyone else get anxious while having people over for dinner? Or is it just me???

Addendum: The dinner party went GREAT!!! Headache from laughing =time for bed:) Good night!

I leave you with this. one of my favorite verses of all time and one I cling to often when I don’t understand certain things in my life.

Isaiah 55:8-9 “for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher then the earth, so are my ways higher then your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”


xoxo Marian


4 Responses to “Dinner plans”

  1. 1 shell625

    cute post! & i actually really like those chips. it’s understandable that u get anxious when having people over!


  2. 2 crazylittlethingneela

    marian!! it’s so wonderful to have you back 🙂

  3. I had some green fiber juice today too 🙂

    I get anxious when I have people come over! I always want everything to be PERFECT, but thats now always possible. Just enjoy your guests!!

  4. You do NOT have man hands, silly! Too funny!

    That green gunk looks like toxic waste! You are a better woman than I!

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