Bed time stories


Good evening ladies!!! How was your Tuesday?! Mine was jam packed non stop moving! Lets start shall we????

I woke up this morning with extreme arm soreness! yesterdays class did not fail to disappoint! any who, I made my way down stairs to juice for hubby and I only to find I slept in a little too late to juice before he had to leave:( and the pact I had made with my self at the store yesterday while purchasing Kale that I would have a green monster everyday this week already has been broken! A for Effort suppose….

I decided cereal would do, because well, when does it ever fail?  and to make this lovely creation I always add……

a pinch of coffee mate! say what you will, it’s good! except I went to shake it up and it well, exploded!

ah!!! why?! that’s not even the half of the explosion! thought I would only show you a piece of the gory details. (nothing worse then getting held up when your starving!)

and naturally what proceeds after breakfast you say??? dessert. it was 8AM after all!

dump cake from last night

I then of course finished up my bible study for the week and made my way over to my love!!! yes my love! I love my treadmill!

pounded out 30 minutes on it this morning while watching Dancing with the stars! ah loves it!

I use  the tready on my off days from the gym<3 did I mention I’m freakishly into working out???

I packed lunch while I was a sweaty mess and decided to opt out of a photo of me as a hot mess!

peanut butter larabar, half a nana peanut butter, pita chips, laughing cow wedge and broccoli.
 I'll admit, I did use spray butter for my broccoli. Yes I love every chemicaly thing about:)
I made my way up stairs to clean up and get my self all beautified for work. 
since I am an esthetician and work with the public promoting beauty.
 I gotta be on my A game! I rushed out the door to only start the madness! 
I was packed with clients all day back to back. No potty breaks here! and not to mention, we are having
an open house tomorrow night since my work switched locations. So, I was setting up tonight after 
my million clients for that with my co workers. I finally called it a day after 10 hours and 
went home to my wonderful hubby who lovingly made us grilled cheese sammy's for dinner. I had 
half a grilled cheese and a couple of bites of his chili. 

Now I’m just sipping on some sugar cookie sleigh ride while blogging it up!

Josh and I got the movie ” bed time stories ” in the mail tonight so that’s looking like it’s on the agenda gals! Nighty night

Question: Have to seen bedtime stories? Is it good? Also, are there any other girls out there who use coffee mate for things other than coffee?

okay, ciao ciao

xoxo Marian


14 Responses to “Bed time stories”

  1. omg! didnt realize this was you!!! so glad you have another blog girl!!

    LOVE SUGAR COOKIE SLEIGH RIDEE! ahhhh my favorite– i order it all year round 🙂


  2. OMG! I used to do the exact same thing with the coffee mate in my cereal! I didn’t think anyone else did that! ha ha. Love your blog!


  3. i use spray butter too!!!!! not gona lie!! and im dying to find sugar cookie sleigh ride tea!! yumm

    • You can get almost anywhere now. Even walmart. Hah! Basically anywhere that sells celestial seasonings tea. Or there’s always the website to get it year round!;)

  4. i have never used coffee mate.. but why not use it for other things!!?? i porobably would 🙂
    i have yet to try sugar cookie sleigh ride.. i have candy cane lane, which is pretty dand awesome

  5. 6 crazylittlethingneela

    i love that tea brand. they make such wonderful honey chamomile tea.
    sorry to hear about the little explosion 😉

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I don’t use coffee mate, but I would probably use it for more than just coffee, like maybe smoothies!

  7. Great blog!!! I love that tea.. soo festive 🙂

  8. 9 Claire

    Hey! I just found you site.I understand your appreciationd for your Italian heritage.I was aondering(silly question)what kind or treadmill do you own? cc

  9. i just tried the sugar plum spice tea by Celestial seasonings, I love their holiday flavors! thanks for visiting my blog, girl! 🙂 and yes all those yummy spices at TJ MAX!!!

  10. 11 shell625

    your eats look delicious. and i’d love to try that coffeemate flavor but i’ve never used coffeemate for anything other than coffee haha..sounds good though!! never seen that ovie but want to 🙂 let me know how it is


  11. I watched Bedtime Stories with my little sister! We loved it, although it was cheesy!

  12. Ya I know we are alot alike! I love reading your blog too and we can share ideas I am sure 🙂

  13. Ooh that Sleigh Ride Cookie Tea sounds so amazingly good. Thanks for stopping by my blog, your’s is really cute and I am always looking for more inspiring ones to read. 🙂

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