oh where to begin?! the last 3 days have seriously been so busy, it’s a blur to me. let’s just start today:) but before I do lets catch ya up! upon waking up on wed before my HUGE work event might I add?! I woke up with a COLD! not just a cold, a BAD cold! on top of that I got my little monthly present. Argh! it was a tough day! So, I’m done complaining. I just needed to make my self feel better:)

So I figured this morning some carrot juice and cereal would do a body good! Especially after fighting this nasty bug the last 3 days.

I also figured  tea would help my poor throat.I’m addicted to green tea. It’s my fav, over Any other .My tea was  accompanied by a delish cookie that some how hitch hiked back to my house in my purse. sneaky little thing.

I also got to go into work a little later so I pretended like I had the day off and sucked back some disgusting off brand emergency fizzy stuff while catching up on blogs in my pjs

I decided it would be a good time to start making lists of things we will need for our trip! We are going snowboarding over Thanksgiving with 3 other couples and we’re staying in a cabin!!! HOLLA!!!

I’ve also found gum to do wonders for my throat. weird!

It was finally time (unfortunately) to leave my pup and the nice weather behind for work.

Packed lunch and snack. Bread, peanut butter, apple, peanut butter larabar 
and peanut butter puffins with nuts. Holy cow! Peanut butter overload!!! 
I've eaten so much peanut butter and just nuts in general these last 3 days. 
 but I still ain't tired of it. True love<3  It was all devoured over the length of my work day.

Work was so busy I hardly had time to notice my snot face! when 5pm rolled around I called it a day was dreaming of just resting and getting better!

I came home to find this lovely surprise. I didn’t ask any questions, I just got down to business. Only a bite, I needed to save room for my din din.

Josh and I ran to the bank and then the store for some cooking essentials and came up with this awesome dinner

tacos, lettuce, ground turkey, cheese,sour cream, beans and salsa with chips. Yummo!

and  this brings us to now. Me in my lovely leopard old man pajamas. they may be huge but I LOVE these. their so soft and just my fav. I’m ready to snuggle up on the couch with Josh and watch survivor while sipping on some Decaf Green tea. It’s a fair trade off since I was supposed to hang out with my group of girls tonight! but  I need to get all the rest I can. My two girlfriends from the OC are coming up tomorrow! EEK!

Random note: I’ve met 3 people this week highly allergic to peanuts. So sad! I can’t even imagine. Clearly I’m just kind of into nuts, peanuts especially! so with that said here’s my question: do you have any allergies??? anything interesting? I’m allergic to grass but thats about it.

Have a great weekend whateva you do!!!


xoxox Marian


7 Responses to “Argh!”

  1. love your blog!
    We are pretty much twins! we have the same juicer, laptop and tea 😉
    I am allergic to dairy, it use to be so bad that I would break out in hives every time I even had a tiny amount but now it’s not as bad.

  2. 2 crazylittlethingneela

    i don’t have any allergies but i have to very careful with what i eat.
    and i agree on the packed lunch. PB overload 😀 haha!
    love the pajamas

  3. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and feel better, it seems everyone has been sick, do you like that juicer? I was going to buy one but still debating, yes I love egg white wraps, so good!!!! I love the pajamas, they look so warm, and I am always freezing!!!! Have a good weekend!! xoxoxo

  4. LOVE your pjs!!! Feel better.. and IM really jealous you are going snowboarding for turkey day.. how awesome!! 🙂

  5. 5 shell625

    nno allergies thankfully! omg the dog is sooo cute & i love the leopard haha. the snowboarding sounds so much fun


  6. your dog is so cute! I WANT THOSE PJS!! love them!

  7. Marian! I so hope you’re feeling better by now!! And what kinda cereal ya eatin’ girlll?! Whatever you love, i’m sure i’d also be a fan since i’m a nut butter queen who also loves everything else in this post! hahahaa, but I actually don’t have any allergies…that I know of! 🙂

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