Get moving!






Good morning to ya!! This weekend was so fun!!!!! Where do I begin? Well lets start where I left off:)

Cereal as usual. I’m pretty much addicted to cereal again. I’ve been getting questions on what cereal I eat and it’s the trader Joe’s granola clusters in vanilla and maple pecan. I also add walnuts everyday. I had like a 5 pound bad of walnuts and now their almost gone! Eek!

vanilla granola with almond breeze and walnuts

ME  blogging on my phone as usual while out and about!

Josh and I ran some errands at Trader Joes holla! and costco then we stopped at  a surf shop for some snowboarding gear! I’m getting so stoked on this trip!

I also found one of these packets in my pantry. Pretty good but full of chemicals I’m sure. also consumed a Lara bar in peanut butter flava (what else?). Shopping makes me hungry! Note to self… Don’t drink a huge bottle of water while out! I peed in way too many public restrooms that day! More then what the limit should be in a single day!

I was starved when we got home! repeat of last nights mexican din din.

Here’s me in my moving gear! When we finished lunch we helped our friends move to their new place!:) We got a lot done but the whole group of us just kept goofing off! Our friends we’re so sweet, they bought us all pizza for moving them:) yummo! I had one piece but probably more like 1 and a half. I kept asking josh for bites of his! I just wanted to try all the flavas!

Okay lets jump to Sunday Sunday Sunday! I always think of the WWF wrestling commercials when I say that! anywho, we went to church and got fed spiritually which is the most important! and ran some errands and then I was on my baking kick! We went to our churches Thanksgiving dinner last night so I decided Italian Pizzelle’s were in order!

I’m pushing all vanity aside in this picture! I was a hot mess after making steamy pizzelle’s and dump cake all day! This batch made over 1oo!!!! Ever since I can remember it’s been a tradition of my families to make Italian Pizzelle’s! It’s been passed down to me and now I LOVE to make them for friends and family! You have to get a special pizzelle machine to make them but they are so fun and yummy!!!

I made some for our neighbors:) Excuse the sheet. My family always put a sheet over the table while making these cookies. so I of course do the same. I just made sure to bust out my most hideous sheet for y’all! hah! I’m such a nerd, but I crack myself up!


The thanksgiving dinner was a hit! and so were my cookies and dump cake(which I didn’t get a pic of) I was too busy cleaning my self up and rushing out the door to pick up Josh’s mom. After stuffing our faces with gloriousness, it was a PARTY at our house!!! The guys all were watching surf videos and the girls were all chatting while drinking tea and eating pizzelle’s (what we do best) and just having a great time!

Having a great time = getting to bed to late which = sleeping in too late which = running behind!

This mornings breakfast. Cereal(big surprise) pizzelles. No I did not eat them all thank you! and some water to wash it down! Ok, I’m gonna be late! I’m going to ventura today to go shopping with my girlies! Sorry this was so rushed! Bye loves!!!

Question: Have any of you ever had pizzelle’s?? and if so, what do you think?? I personally think their amazing! not too sweet either. So good with coffee or tea:)



xoxo Marian


9 Responses to “Get moving!”

  1. Im also going through a cereal obsession.. its quick and yummy!! You look super cute in your moving gear!!

    I used to LOVE Pizzelle’s.. esp choc. ones! They are light and dont make you feel super full after eating a ton! 🙂

  2. you look SOOO cute in your moving gear! you are beautiful!!

    i dont think ive ever had pizzelles? are they like cookies? they look good!!

  3. 3 shell625

    i have had them! they are reallly good 🙂
    & cute pic in your moving gear girl. cereal amazing, so i really don’t blame you for being stuck on it… even though now i stick to the healthy stuff, i have alwyas been a sucker for the kids cereals 🙂


  4. Cute moving outfit!!

  5. I have never had them! but they look awesome 🙂

  6. I wish I had your fashion sense!! Can you be my ‘personal shopper/dresser’? Haha – great blog! Just found it through others. I’ve never had a pizelle before and this is my first time hearing of them. They look cute though!! Do you put syrup or fruit and stuff on them? Are they like flattened waffles or crepes?! Take care 🙂

  7. Hey! I’m so glad your back to blogging!

    I’ve never had a pizelle before! In fact I don’t know if I ever heard of them until now!

  8. Oh yes! I ADORE Pizzelles! They’re incredible with a hot cup of coffee with creamer….mmm…And not too sweet, either, as you said!

    I love your outfit! you look so chic!

  9. Pretty waffles! Pretty lady holding the waffles! This blog should be called Prettyology 😉

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