Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Hows everyone enjoying the day off with family????:)

Lets start off with I’m pretty dang sick!!! Sicker then I thought. I was at work and since I work for a Dr. an all I thought maybe I should get checked out just to be on the safe side since I’m leaving for our snowboarding trip today! I was seen and the results are in. Sinus infection, ear infection and Bronchitis. ugh! antibiotics, two inhalers and a breathing treatment later, here I am!!!

So I went to Ventura the other day with some of my girlfriends and thought the sunset on the way back was just absolutely gorgeous! No?


yesterday I woke up knowing my body was in some major need of healing. What better way to help a sick body and start the day then with a green monster???

That was just a warm up for my cereal of course! I also was reading my daily devotional “streams in the dessert” if you want an amazing devotional pick this one up!

Like I said I’m a pharmacy!! The goods:)

I went into work for a couple hours yesterday and was so wiped out afterwards but I had to run to the grocery store for some last minute essentials for our trip! It was a mad house. Not surprised! By the time I got outta there and home I was starved for some Lunchi! Turkey, avo, veganaise, lettuce and cheese sammy on an arnold sandwhich thin. Yummo! Withe some cheddar cheese chips.

Once I was properly fueled it was time to get my baking face on!! I started out with cheese pie crust. this is kind how the process goes…….. Throw all the ingredients in the bowl (except for the egg) and start pinching the butter into it. You gotta do it slow and make sure there’s no clumps! this can be very tiring on fingers! Then you add the egg and form the crust!

Two cheese pie crusts ready to be filled!

Finished pies!! Cheesepie’s More Pizzelles (what the heck right?) and I cooked up a bunch of pancakes for our trip so we can just freeze them and then pop them in the toaster for breakfast! their not the prettiest pancakes but their good:)

and I also never said I was clean while baking! But I’m am actually a very clean person in general. hah!

I’m not too hungry lately being that I’m sick so all that sounded good for dinner was some salad.

I’m also very excited for our snowboarding trip! My snowboarding gear in all it’s glory!!! We are leaving today with 2 other couples! I can’t wait!! I just wish I felt better:( I’m feeling pretty yucky at the moment, so I would really covet your prayers!!!

I would also like to note that I don’t always post all my eats because I’m just so snacky that there’s no way I could or would even want to take a picture of every thing that crossed my lips! too tiring for a grazer like me!!! Just thought I should mention that:) anywho

Happy Thanksgiving again!!!!! We have so much to be thankful for! I’m thankful for Christ’s love, my hubby, wonderful family and an amazing group of friends! Just to name a few:) What are you all thankful for??????????????


xoxo Β  Marian


9 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!!!”

  1. 1 shell625

    im sorry you are feeling sick!! but i am soo thankful for my boyfriend, family, friends, lifee, health, happiness, finding a supportive blogging community, my eductation, and all the other gifts i’ve been blessed with

    have a fantastic thanksgiving


  2. so sorry you are not feeling well still– get better soon doll!!!!!!

    i am suddenly craving pie πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!

  3. I hope you feel better! Your pies do look yummy though!

  4. Feel better, dear!! πŸ™‚ ps.. no one is neat when they cook ESPECIALLY bake!! lol

  5. ahh so sorry you dont feel good!! your pies do look AWESOME tho!

  6. Oh no I hope you feel better soon! Your eats are making me hungry! I been coughing at night driving me nuts

  7. Oh no! Please get better soon! But I guess another thing God is reminding you to be thankful for is your health, and not to take it for granted!

    I’m thankful for all the new beautiful people I met through blogging this year!

  8. Awww feel better, dear girl!

  9. Hi
    Your blog has always been one of my favorites. I just started one, please drop by occasionally. I would love to get to “know” you.

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