Orange county here we come!


It’SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FRIDAY!!!!! yay!!!!! I’m really glad it’s Friday! This week has been fast but not fast enough! We are going down to Orange County this weekend to visit family and friends and get my hair did! I’m so totally thrilled that it’s December!!! I love making the house festive!  Here are some before and afters!!! I woke up and asked Josh if he could pull the Christmas decor out of the attic. I told him I could do it but he said I would hurt myself……..hmmmmm I suppose he thinks I’m accident prone……

Before Before

after!! Holla!!

I did decorate the whole house just didn’t photo all of it. Also I somehow didn’t get a picture of the tree! Weird. It looks quite cute I must say! you will have to take my word on it. For some reason this year I was feeling very simple. I had a lot of decorations that I just didn’t put out. Or maybe I just was too lazy. Either way! I also purchased some hershey kisses for the table and they are getting devoured by me! I don’t think Josh has even touched them!

As you can see I really dress up for decorating! not really, but I had the day off!!! I was at home in Christmas joy! plus some of my girl friends came over and we had pancakes and hung out! fun!

Say buh bye! I’m getting my hair done this weekend and you will have to see!!!!!

Yummo!!! Their were many Hershey kisses eaten!

After our breakfast together we hung out and watched the Victoria secret Fashion show together. I taped it so only us girls could see it:) It was fun to watch but some of the stuff was HIDEOUS! and then of course there was the cutest stuff eva! I’m personally a fan of the PINK line! Their PINK sweatpants were on sale last week for $25 people! that never happens!!!

Dinner! We didn’t buy any groceries this week due to lots of expenses for our trip. We thought hey, we can wing this! Well, the food combos have been so weird. I managed to scrounge up a piece of bread with a boca burger, some miracle whip, ketchup and pickles Yum! Except it really upset my stomach! We had to drive over to my brother in-laws house last night who lives 20mins away and I was ready to hurl! ok maybe not really but I wasn’t feeling to hot!

I guess I’m feeling better today since I helped myself to some MORE hershey kisses while doing my daily reading with Jesus! hah!

(man hand alert!)

Ok, so your probably wondering what this frog is???? well, one of my clients who’s very sweet thought I would like it……………….

Ok, so it’s not my cup of tea or frog. It actually kind of freaks me out. I mean look at those eyes?!!! I’m bad I know,  but really, it’s scaring me!

hah! it was so nice of her but I think I may just keep it at work.

I’m in a hurry as usual! I’m off to work out and then work!!! My workouts have been back to normal now that I’m feeling normal! Sheesh, being sick was the pits! for real!

Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will in the OC!

Does anyone have and fun plans for this weekend?????? If so tell me tell me!!!


xoxox Marian


4 Responses to “Orange county here we come!”

  1. 1 shell625

    your house looks awesome 🙂 i wanna see the treee! and that is hilarious about the frog… at least she tried :-\ & hav fun in the OC! jealous of the hopefully warm weather? no huge plans this weekend..just goin out and hanging w/ friends probably!


  2. Oh I love what you did with the place. I am dying to decorate but its hard my cat will destroy everything!! My weekend might be movies to see the Chrismas Carol or help a friend move if its not raining!! Have fun this weekend

  3. HOT MOMMMAAAA! that house looks awesome too!! anddd those pancakes

  4. hey!
    i just came across your blog and i can’t wait to keep reading!
    i would love it if you could check out my blog!

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