Hiiii!!!!! Things are Changing! Lets be honest.

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to start a new blog for a few reasons. I love food but I love so much more! So I’m going to be blogging about food, fitness, fun, fashion, and my life! Let’s be honest. Life is great but there’s ups and downs that go with it. I felt that on my last blog I was very closed. As far as the personal part of it goes. I shared things here and there, but not fully. I promise to be more open with you all!:) and no, it won’t be some depressing sob story  while being a downer! hah! I’m actually a very happy person! Also, I’m a total perfectionist! Yet I’m so not type A though. (if that makes sense? But besides that) IT was so hard for me to keep up with all the comments and write every single person back. I read every comment and they bring a huge smile to my face and so much joy but I just couldn’t comment back to each and every person. As much as I wanted to I just couldn’t.  I just put too much silly pressure on myself to get back to everyone, and that’s not realistic. I will try my best, but just know that if I don’t comment back right away I love and appreciate you all!!!!

So what have I been up to??? Well…….that will be my next post!

You can check out my “yours truly page ” until then!


xoxo Marian